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If you ask me who I am, I think the first answer that comes to my mind is: I am Sophie. My family, my friends and the people around me, they know me: I am Sophie, Sophie Michelin.

I was born in Budapest and have spent most of my life there. Today I live in two places, in my hometown of Budapest and in a small, cute city called Pori in the middle of nowhere of Finland. I live next to the sea and the forest, and I followed my husband and my heart there.

But honestly I am a cosmopolite. I’ve lived in Italy, France and UK for a while. I’ve travelled and continue to travel around Europe, Middle East, Asia and South America. I experience those places to feel and learn the culture and philosophy of those peoples, because I am Sophie.

I am also a musician. I’ve spent almost half of my lifetime with classical music. And I am a business woman, spending the other half of my lifetime to learn about the economy, entrepreneurship and business. I am a chef, sommelier and event planner, and that is where I find all my skills come together in a single profession.

I am a woman with love and passion not just for my husband and children, as you can see from our family picture, but I am also passionate about being aWoman, with a capital “W”. I think this is the most beautiful profession in the world. So if you ask me who I am, I think most of all I am a Woman.

So in order to tell you about Sophie, the person who wants to share her heart and creations through this site, I need to simply tell you what it means for me to be a Woman:

I am a mother and a friend, a wife and a lover, a coach and a business controller, a housekeeper and a chef, a designer and an artist, a traditional healer and a geisha. As we all women are.

And if you wish to see how all these different professions come together in my life, I invite you to read my blog posts and enjoy the whole site.


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