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Nutrition Guideline

I’ve had the chance to study and examine all types of different diets. I’ve studied the theories of many nutrition specialists, from the believers of blood type based nutrition to vegan and paleo diets. I tend to side with the Mediterranean diet and I believe that wine is good for your health. But deep inside I’ve always stuck to a couple of good guidelines, when it comes to mine and my family’s nutrition. As I created and create the tools, recipes and videos for this site, I’ve used the following lines as the main colours of my flag:

My strongest colours:


Everything we do in life should be done in moderation. This is the key to happiness, balance and health. Eat, drink and use your body, mind and soul with moderation. Know what your limits are and never exceed them.

Try to avoid the following situations:

  • Feeling over-fed.
  • Drinking too much alcohol.
  • Eating too much and only certain types of a nutrients.
  • Be moderate about what you eat, how you talk, what you wear and what you buy.


There are plenty of different types of a food ingredients. You don’t need to eat pasta every day. If you plan your meals right, you will have so many more options that you won’t end up having the same types of dishes more than once or twice in a fortnight. Eat seasonal food and diversify. You don’t need to avoid bread, potato or rice if you only eat them once a week.


Listen to your body. It will tell you what nutrients you need. I can always feel it when I need red meat or liver to fill up my iron reserve, or oranges and rosehip tea to increase my vitamin C levels. Choose your meals by listening to the feeling of “I would love to eat…”

We shall not forget:


First of all, when you follow our Menu programs, you will get a menu, which is planned according to scientific numbers.

If you are not on a weight loss diet, there is no need to measure anything.

If you feel good in your own skin, it means that your nutrition is great. If you are sure that you follow the the principles above, you can put away all type of measurement programmes.

If you follow a weight loss diet, you can look up my posts related to weight loss.

If you have allergies or medical conditions, please check the related posts.

If you are a professional athlete or go through heavier training, please consult your nutrition specialist.


Five times a day -nutrition is the basic family nutrition, which brings balance into our lives. Eating fruit and vegetables five times a day brings our focus to a healthy nutrition.


There’s no hurry. In India eating is a prayer. When they eat, they concentrate on mantras to improve the digestion and to give power to the nutrients to heal the body and the mind. I strongly believe in that. In our western culture, we don’t allow enough time for our daily meals. This is the time when we can concentrate on ourselves and our family.


Good nutrition alone is not enough to bring you balance. For the right balance you need to eat, drink, sleep, train and relax enough.


When consumed in moderation, wine is very good for your health. Check my blog post about Wine and Health.


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