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Sophie’s World is a philosophy of life, a way to:

  • see our path on Earth
  • love
  • care
  • believe and act to educate the new generation, our children
  • build our own and the wider environment
  • take responsibility for ourselves and our family
  • respect our body, soul & spirit, and to do it to others...
  • trust the people around us and build happiness together

Sophie’s World is based on “the rules of life”

The truth of the Mandala

Everything starts from the One. One single energy. We can create anything from the One. We are the creators of our own reality, and with small steps we make the world as beautiful as we want. This is the Gift and the Responsibility.

Teaching to our small children how to draw, to colour a Mandala will help them understand with their heart how we can create something from one single point. Doing the same with other media besides pencils – with sand, textile, beans, stones… Everything around us makes our children understand Creation. They can play with the same idea and create a story from a single word, which will create not just a lovely story, but they will also feel that with their thoughts and words they can make people laugh or even cry.

The truth of Polarity

Where there is good, there is bad. Where there is dark there is light. Where there is beauty, there is ugliness. There is always a yin and a yang which complement each other. It is up to us to recognise the difference.

We can only live this life fully if we have seen the dark side. And sooner or later we understand that darkness comes from the light – they cannot exists without each other. We can only decide which path to take if we had the possibility of seeing both of them. We do not necessary need to experience both of them in our own skin, but we need to understand what they are like.

Our children need to face the different sides of the things, and step by step they need to make their own choices. They have to bathe in the colours of life, and the more they understand of all the obstacles, the more valuable their creations will be to this Earth and society.

The truth of Resonance

Similar energy, people and situations attract each other, and together they resonate together to create stronger impact.
We shall learn quickly that we do not need to just cope with people. We can respect everybody, we can love everybody unconditionally – but we do not need to be best friends with everybody. We resonate with certain people who share something with us. It brings us together for a certain period of time, and this resonance creates much stronger results.

Our children learn about this in school and move towards creating social bonds, so we need to make them strong about the choices they make when they decide with whom to co-operate.

The truth of Causes

Every action creates a reaction. Every cause has a consequence. This is the rule of Karma.
It is powerful to understand that whatever we do will actually has an effect on something and somebody. It makes us feel the responsibility, which we all carry.

With simple scientific tests we can prove this rule to our children but we always can help them understand it better when they discuss their daily life with other children. We only need to put on some classic movie to show them that in the end good always wins and bad always loses.

The truth of Thoughts

We are what we think. Our thoughts create the reality. Thoughts have energy and create actions without words.
So often we can sense the feelings of another person. They may say something but the thought behind it is not the same. We can sense honesty.

Children are more sensitive to these things. They feel it when the family is happy, and they feel it when their parents are unhappy. They unconsciously come close to us to hug us, to love us. We should cherish this skill and not to let them lose it when they grow up. It will give them trust and honesty, and they will be able to understand that their thoughts can move mountains.

The truth of People as Mirrors

Our relations with people reflect our own personality. Our closest relationships are the most important mirrors that show who we are and how we need to change. The reflections remain until we are ready to make changes and grow as a person.

We need many discussions with our little ones to help them understand that when they fail or when they feel hurt, they must find the reason for the problem inside of them. They must also discover whether are able to change. If they learn the mirroring effect at an early age, they will be blessed for the rest of their lives, as they will grow as a people with huge perspectives.

The truth of Relativity

Everything is relative, everything has a meaning in a certain time/certain place and by certain interventions, which we make in a given context. If any of the circumstances change, the meaning will be different too.

Children have their own world. We don’t always understand them and sometimes we think they are very wrong. We need to give them space and understand how different life is for each of us. When they see our respect for their relativity, they can easily respect it with others.

The truth of the Holy 3

Body, Spirit & Soul, the balance of any Man.

In children’s education we tend to train the physical body and educate the brain. We easily forget about the soul – not just feelings, but the deepest place of mystery and self-development. Teaching our children to meditate, understand silence, play music and dance will train their soul to find the balance of the Holy 3.

The truth of 5 Elements

The world is based on the balance of 5 basic Elements. Earth, Fire, Water, Air and the Qi – the vital energy of the Universe.

Children love to play with the elements, use them, combine them. We need to emphasise them to find these mysterious elements around us, because one day they will understand that us humans are made of those elements. Some of us are more of fire, while other fly with the wind, but we all use the eternal Qi to keep the earth as a living place for all.

The truth of 12 archetypes

Any type of the born personality can be described by the 12 archetypes, 12 galaxies, 12 chakras…

Learning astrology is a fantastic journey for our children. Understanding the stars and the energy of the stars will give them a lot of help when they are working with people. Although we need to keep in mind that we cannot judge people by their astrological signs, we must make them understand that this is just how we are born. The signs help us like stars in the sky to find our way home on our life-path, but it is up to us how we step on the stones.

The truth of Periodic

The whole universe can be created from the Periodic table of Mengelejev.

Science is true and real and we cannot ignore it just because we are spiritual. Science has already shown true many ancient teachings: “this is how it is”. Different scientific branches like quantum mechanics are opening new doors. Let our children learn more and prove more with science. Anything they can prove is great for our universe. It brings us closer to understanding the mystery and helps us teach it to a new generation.

The truth of 3 colours – the simplicity of life

All colours can be created by the 6 basics. White, black, red, yellow, green, blue. And even far from the system of CMYK or RGB.
The colour mixing from 3 colours is so simple. And that what it is actually teaching. Beauty lies in the simplest of things.

Our children show this to us every day, as they approach their problems in the simplest ways. We must remind them and ourselves of getting back to this path from every single crossroad of our life.


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