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Does Calcium helps to prevent osteoporosis?

Does Calcium helps to prevent osteoporosis?

The whole nutrition society emphasizes us to consume lots of diary products, mainly milk. Some countries like Finland, the children drinks mild 2-3 times a day instead of water. The reason is they think the calcium intake can help to avoid the serious sickness called osteoporosis. It is a very serious sickness. Which needs to be taken seriously. We need to inform the society how to prepare and prevent. But to understand what we can do, instead of giving unjustified solutions support by the milk industry, we really need to understand the facts with a wider obstacle.

One of the major reason to take Calcium supplement or to give big dose of milk to our children is the bone density. For the 1980thes it was a serious believe that milk consumption is crucial for our children to secure healthy bones. It is true that calcium takes major part on the development of our bones and also many other things. But is it true that even after age 21 when the growing hormones stops to be produced by the body, we still need to Calcium to stimulate to secure that our bone system will be healthy.

You need to know couple of things and new research around osteoporosis, to understand what is really going on.

  1. Research are still not finalized on this topic.

There are many research in this topic. Mainly concentrating to compare calcium and milk production with bone fractions. But it is still not enough to make the final conclusions. Also these researches forget one factor, the factor, that when we are older our senses gets worst so we can put ourselves easier into situations which could cause fraction.

  1. We can measure the density of the bones

Finally we can measure the density of our bones. So we can see all age, sex, regions, what are the figures. And this is where the studies becomes interesting, because they start to realize, that even though in certain regions the milk production is high and/or so the calcium production the fractions are also high.

  1. Not just old people

Testing the density of the bones it come out that not just old people has the problem of weak bones to risk osteoporosis.

  1. Worldwide data

Wilder the test is, elaborating it worldwide interesting data shows up, that in Asia or Africa, where the milk production is low the fractions are less. And when we check the bone density index is higher. So the new theory came out:

Osteoporosis is something to do with our GENES. Caucasian people has higher risk. Whether you consume more milk or/and Calcium, unfortunately it will not make you heavier or stronger bones if it is not coded in you.

So shall we that consume so much Calcium. Still yes, but do not tell because you want to avoid fractions, this will not. But it has a crucial part to support the nerves and the muscle system.


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