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5 Ways To Use Dried Fruit In The Kitchen

5 Ways To Use Dried Fruit In The Kitchen

Dried fruit is great in cooking. However, before you use them regularly you need to understand that dried fruit contains as much sugar then the fresh stuff. They seem sweeter, because as the water disappears the sugar concentrates. Fruit sugar, called fructose, is less healthy than glucose, so be careful when you use dried fruit. On the other hand, dried fruit contains many micronutrients that make fresh fruit so healthy. So be careful with the how much you use, but do let them bring some colour to your kitchen!

Where can you use dried fruits?

In fresh salads

Dried berries like apricots or prunes work best in salads. You only need to sprinkle the berries and the finely chopped bigger fruits on your salad.

Every-day green salad with seeds and dried fruit

In stews

I like to prepare meat on the bone in the oven. I cook it for a long time and add all that's required for a great flavour. That includes dried fruit.

In meat fillings

Dried fruit goes very well in fillings. Dried apricots work great with some ricotta and herbs. Prunes are fantastic in the classic Duck breast with bacon.

In side dishes, such as couscous, polenta, bulgur and quinoa

Oriental cuisine features a lot of dishes using grains, like couscous or quinoa. They are delicious with different dried fruit and go very well with saucy meats.

In desserts

It's trendy nowadays to prepare desserts using dried fruit instead of sugar. I think that for this purpose dates or figs work best. Some cakes are also great with dried fruit. Here's one of my favourites:


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