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Super Food: Beetroot

Super Food: Beetroot

I never used to be a big fan of beetroot. As a good central European girl I had it pickled next to my wiener schnitzel, but otherwise we were not big friends. It all changed one day when I travelled to South-Africa, and my girlfriend, who by the way is a very responsible mother, showed me a simple but delicious recipe, and opened my eyes to beetroot. Don’t get carried away with the recipes yet though. Beetroot was covered as a super food in 2009 and I have a feeling that it has since lost its shine and focus, so let’s put it back where it belongs.

Let’s quickly find out why beetroot is a SUPER FOOD:

It’s a very rich source of nutrients and antioxidants such us magnesium, vitamin C, sodium, potassium, vitamin B-folate, betaine, methionine and soluble fibre. If you don’t know what all these words mean in the language of doctors and nutritionists, we can just say that beetroot:

  • dilates the blood vessels
  • supports detoxification
  • lowers cholesterol
  • inhibits the growth of cancerous cells
  • is low in fat and calories
  • has a relatively low glycaemic index so it stabilizes the blood sugar level
  • is an excellent food for allergic people as it can replace missing nutrients, especially with gluten, nuts and milk allergy
  • is even being used in the latest skincare products

Now the only question is: Do you like beetroot? And because I am not sure whether you are in the same situation I was couple of years ago, let me share some ideas:

For beetroot lovers

Beetroot soup

or Beetroot juice: The recipe is as simple as they come, but you do need a fruit juicer. Just peel the beetroots, put them through the juicer and you’re done!

For beetroot trainees

Baked beetroot with goat's cheese

For beetroot haters

Grated beetroot salad


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